What Did Gomer Do In The Marines?

One thing I noticed after Gomer finish boot camp and then his group was moved to another Marine Base what would Gomer have been assigned to do. I would have figured he would have asked to be assigned to the base motor pool since he worked at Walley's gas station in Mayberry. I would figure Gomer would leave the barricks head to the motor pool work his time then return to the barricks for the day.

My father when he joined the Navy wanted to be a cook but they showed him a booklet of tools and he identify what they were so they sent him aircarft maintenance school. He ended up working on aircarft while in the Navy, left and a year later joined the Air Force to do what he did in the Navy. He latter was moved to maintenance control talikng to other mechanics working on aircraft by radio in maintenance vehicles while he sat in control office.  

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