• Clues await if no one gets this b&w one early on.



    • Looks a bit like Gentleman Dan's hat. Could it be?


      • Bingo!  Andy and the Gentleman Crook is the episode I just watched.  Nice one, Mayor.

        • By the way, I had to figure out what kind of hat Gentleman Dan was wearing, and it turned out to be a Homburg.  It’s not very popular now, but Winston Churchill wore them frequently and they were quite popular back in the day.


  • What happened to Mr. McBeevey?

    • Is your question about the Mayor's 'carpe diem' clue?  I mean, did Mr. McBeevey ever return in a color episode?

      But about that  'carpe diem' thing;  sounds like something Howard would say, or maybe Helen.  Other than that I am drawing a blank stare better than the keyed-up Darling boys could do.  

      • No Franklin, before "Mayor's 'carpe diem' clue?" there was a picture of a hand.  Each finger had a tiny little hand on it.  It made me think of Mr. McBeevey.


        Now it's gone???



        • Ohhh, so there was a switch-a-roo.  I didn't catch that.  

          • I was thinking that I perhaps posted that one already a while back. So I removed it. Yes, it was "Twelve Extra Hands" of Mr. McBeevy!


  • What COLOR Episode Did I Just Watch?


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