• I remember it now! I was thinking that linoleum was mentioned in some episode but couldn't place it. But also, I thought that the linoleum was meant to be a distraction.

  • Here is a new one. (BW this time)

    What episode did I watch?


    • "Gluing covers back on hymn books with Edgar Coleman.  And what ABOUT you and Edgar Coleman?" 

      • Yes, that is it! Lucky Letter.

    • Good one Mayor. Nice set up there
  • What episode did I watch?3799613025?profile=original

    • OK, I am pretty sure Otis said something like this, but do not show the episode.  BW or color?

      • I know it’s black and white but I don’t recall the episode either. The line is “I didn't get my full eight hours, and when I don't get my full eight hours I'm grouchy. Do you mind?”

    • It’s B & W and Otis did say it. You guys are close. And yes it’s grouchy, not grumpy.
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      • Nope. It’s not dogs.  

        Hint:  Andy and Barney were locked out of the courthouse and they had to wake up Otis by rapping on the window and yelling at him to get up and open the door.

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