• After some head-scratchin I believe I recollect a time when Thelma Lou was standing outside the grocery store and she asked Opie to test some home made brownies and after that some home made peach ice cream.  Opie was love sick, so she was trying to cheer him up. 

  • Well, you are on the right track Mayor. 

  • “Goober Takes A Car Apart”. The tale of Gilly Walker’s carburetor. That’s all he thinks about is speed, speed, speed. 

  • The “country” of Hawaii, before it became a state!

    • As stated by one of Mayberry's most infamous historians. 

  • And this had something to do with a beard.

  • Here's one:  What episode did I just watch?   Sorry.  I don't know why this picture is coming out so huge on the screen.  I want it to be smaller.  It's only 450 wide by 590 high.


    • The old Windsor knot. I would recognize It anywhere!

  • I think I just spend my whole vacation gardening.

  • From 'Andy's Investment.' Howard told Andy and Emmett that he attended Bradbury Business College, located on the third floor of the Essex Bank Bldg. over in Mt. Pilot. Emmett said the campus was wall-to-wall linoleum.

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