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Kathy Jo mentioned that not too much discussion is going on here in town. She's right...at least here on the Forum area.

Let's fix that!   I'd like to hear about the first memories you have of Mayberry?  Maybe the first time you watched a particularly funny episode/scene would be a good story to share with us.  Or maybe you could tell us who got you hooked on The Andy Griffith Show...was it a family member, a good friend...what was it that hooked you?

I know there are good stories out there and even if they aren't that good, we're friends so I'd enjoy hearing your story.


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    • Did your feet fall asleep?  I wonder what causes that?  Maybe I should go see their doctor.

  • I had watched The Andy Griffith Show off and on for most of my life and I knew some of the characters but it wasn't until college that I got "hooked." 

    My roommate, Rob, was a fan of the show and had joined The Andy Griffith Show Rerun Watchers Club.  Rob even had a chapter of TAGSRWC (the name of that chapter escapes my memory) back in our home town and he had every back issue of "The Bullet" (The Official Newsletter of TAGSRWC).

    Every night, at 10:05pm, The Andy Griffith Show came on a local station and no matter what was going on or how much studying we had to do, Rob and I stopped everything to watch the show on TV.  It was a great stress release from the pressures of engineering classes.

    I'll never forget the "first" time I watched...I mean really watched and absorbed..."Opie's Charity."  When Andy is in the courthouse, Opie walks in and Andy says: "Well ... If it ain't Charlie Moneybags, the big philanthropist. How d'y' do?" A smile was on my face from that moment and with every comment made by Opie in response to Andy's questions ..."I could ask 'em to give back two cents",  "I never seen one, paw", "A half-boy", "Poor Horatio",  and more..

    By the time Opie got to "Poor Horatio" I was sitting in the floor in front of the chair I had started out in. Tears filled my eyes and breath was hard to come by.  Opie wouldn't stop with the one liners though and by the time he said "A sock in the head" followed by "I enjoyed it..." I was actually rolling on the floor.

    I envy folks that are just discovering The Andy Griffith Show and that they get to enjoy "for the first time" scenes like Poor Horatio having never seen it before. 

    I'll never forget that "first" time and how hooked on The Andy Griffith Show I became.  That rush of happiness and joy in my heart created by watching my friends in Mayberry has done me well in my life.

    Note: You can watch that scene for yourself on YouTube or read the dialog at The Mayberry Historical Society.

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