ya'll probably know this, but today I found out

the same actress played Big Maude the escaped convict and Eleanora Poultice, Barney's voice teacher.  Reta Shaw must have been one heck of an actress.  After all these decades of watching the show and reading all the trivia, I was shocked to find she could play two such different roles and me not know it.

Also play Mrs. Halcyon Maxwell in the Ghost And Mr. Chicken.

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  • The fact of the matter is that the writer's of her first episode "Convicts-at-Large" wrote the part of Big Maude Tyler with Reta Shaw in mind. They had written for her in other productions and knew exactly what to expect from her. She turned out to be a perfect fit and got along great with the rest of the cast.

  • Thank you.

    Rita Shaw was a delight to watch in any role.

    She was a regular on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (on my list to watch if I find it).

    Casting Director Ruth Burch had a real eye for great character actors who'd become icons to TAGS fans.

  • Leonard Blush couldn’t have made it to the big time without her.

    • His rise to fame, after his debut at the insecticide convention, was meteoric!


  • Halloween is coming up,  sounds like a good time to watch The Ghost and Mister Chicken.

    "Taro! Karo! Solomon!"   (i think that's how it went)


  • ACTOR too!  Lest we forget, she also played Ralph Henderson. :)

    • lol

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