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Convicts at Large

This is a great episode, it's the one with three female convicts. But but but I'm still wondering about when Charles O'Malley (William Bouchey) returns on the bus from "DE-troit."  Andy offers him a ride back to his place, and he accepts. If it weren

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The Mail Slot

This has come up before. Seems in almost every episode the mail slot is there in the door. I have tried to keep track, and in at least one show, the handyman, the slot is gone, and George, the mailman walks in and hands the mail to Andy. In another s

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Mystery Car

In two episodes there's an old Ford car, dull and unpolished, looks like a 1951. In a Malcolm Merriweather show, he rides up on his bike and the car is parked in Andy's driveway. In another, Barney is seen very briefly driving the car, parking it on

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