Passing Along "The Friendly Town"

I am a guy who does coupons. Yeah, that's right, coupons. I cut them out, look for them online, redeem what the stores give me on the back of receipts and collect rewards points back on my gasoline. I'm not fanatical, nor am I an expert, but I do pretty well. Once at CVS I had a $46.59 bill and only paid $7.19. At the local Sunoco gas station, I have filled up my car (up to 20 gallons) many times for as little as 38 cents.That brings me to the point of this blog entry. Just after the new year, I was filling up using my Sunoco Rewards Card for 85 cents per gallon. On this occasion, the pump shut off after 16 gallons. Of course I squeezed another gallon in there but still had 3 gallons left to redeem. At that moment, I noticed an elderly gentleman that pulled up next to me and got out to fill his tank. He reached for his wallet and did not have it. I saw the disgust on his face which quickly turned to dispair. I read that look as "Oh, no. No wallet and no gas." So I said "excuse me, sir..." And began to explain to him how I had these three extra gallons of gas and nowhere to pump it...and could he use it. He said, "Wow. And yes." He tanked me over and over. Even though it was only 3 gallons, it made his day. It was when he said, "That was mighty friendly of you! I appreciate it."...that I thought about Mayberry...The Friendly Town.I share this not to shine a light on what I did, but that the situation shines a light on something for us all. That a friendly face and a friendly gesture is still appreciated. That charitable giving is OK. That seeing the need of another human being and acting on it is valued. That "doing for others" without expecting reward or recognition still makes you feel good.I think Andy would have been proud to know that Mayberry values are alive and well in 2014.-Keitha.k.a - Col. Harvey
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