Thank you Mayberry

This entry is long overdue so forgive my lateness. I wanted to say Thank You Mayberry. I can't remember the first time I watched the show, but I do know that I've been hooked ever since. Nothing gives me as much "pure" joy as this incredibly special show.  No show has ever been able to touch my heart as often or as deeply as TAGS. Nor has any show ever meant as much to me. It's become a part of my vocabulary when I talk to others as I often quote lines from it, or when my Wife and I joke with each other about something funny that Barney said or did. Andy often reminds us both of my Wife's Dad and it makes us smile though we miss him terribly. 


Then there's the Mayberry community. What an amazing group of people you all are. Though we've not YET been to a meet-up and haven't been to Mayberry Days in years, I am always so heartened and lifted up by how nice, funny, and genuine all of you are. You are a big part of my life when I watch TCNW, or get online and read the forums or see things posted on FB. Thank You for all you do to make me smile and how much you all remind me there is still goodness in this world! 

I hope we get the chance to meet all of you someday at a meet up or Mayberry Days. So again, Thank You Mayberry and to the Mayberry community as well. 



Brian Schoen

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