I wanted to take a look at in my opinion 1 of the funniest single characters in Mayberry History.

 Lydia Crosswaithe is known for her somewhat bland delivery. She is very smart but quite outspoken often about things that annoy her the most. For example. she would rather play the guitar than the trumpet or she prefers chocolate candy to pizza.

Josie Lloyd was born in 1940. She is the daughter to legendary screen actor Norman Lloyd. Norman is over 100 years old now- he may have well passed on. She starred in 4 episodes during her time in Mayberry. There was the CLASSIC CLASSIC “Goober and the Art of Love”, As Lydia “Barney Mends A Broken Heart” 

I can’t find a whole lot of pictures of Josie Lloyd anywhere. Very little is known about her or what she looks like now. It seems that she left Hollywood behind for good in the 1970’s. for a moment in time there was a woman named Lydia. A truly legendary character actress. 

Let me know what you think Mayberry Land.

? Who was Lydia Crosswaithe???????.




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  • She also played the Mayor Pike's daughter in the episode that featured cutting down the old oak tree when she serenaded the big movie producer with Flow Gently Sweet Afton
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