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Just wondering

There is a lot of talk on here about Mr. Schwump, but what is known of the two short guys we see in the background of many shots.  They are in the background when Barney is giving the Gov. a ticket.  Andy talks to them in Mayberry goes Hollywood.  


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Wrong Way Fife

I can think of four times Barney was either parked or driving on the wrong side of the road.  (Luckily Gomer wasn't around for a citizens arrest.)

There's probably more.  I think I remember Andy doing it too but cant think of the episode.

Name these fo

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Barney on a Barn

A friend got this pic somewhere and posted it to Kitty's facebook for me to see.  Info is it is pic of a barn somewhere in Georgia.  IMayberry members from Georgia that you can confirm?  Does it actually exist?  If so, where is it's location?  Shorty

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