Andy Griffith's Food Co.

I've been searching for years for a picture of one of Andy Griffith's restaurants and this photo from a newspaper advertisement is all I've been able to locate. Started in 1972, the chain specialized in fried chicken and barbecue and eventually had seven locations in North and South Carolina but by 1975, all had been closed. The retail food products division was also unsuccessful.










































































































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  • Boy, we're in for a strain on the ol' suspender buttons!

  • Kenny Rogers Roasters didn’t make it either.  

  • Brett Favre's Steakhouse closed two years ago. They just demolished it this last summer.


  • Well I'll tell ya one thing, if I went into Andy's restaurant I would be awful suspicious if he was trying to give away any free pickles. 

    • I would also be wary of his "Buy 2 get the 3rd spaghetti dinner free" offer!


  • He might have done better if he used Miss Peggy’s recipe, and called it “Chicken With Crust”.

    • That Chicken with Crust, I would order some of that!   But if I went in there and got a booth I would keep an eye out for  the Fun Girls. They can really latch-on to ya. Hard to shake off. 

      • Get them girls outta here!

  • I heard they were real nice places, great atmosphere.  They had a gypsy violinist.  He'd stand right over your table and play 6 or 8 songs.  Of course you got to slip him a quarter.  They work on tips.  One thing about gypsies, though....they're moody.









  • MEAT!!!!!

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