• Barney applied this nickname.....both criticizing and praising (kind of) this woman.


  • Here’s a hint, using The Beach Boys song.

    She’ll have fun, fun, fun, ‘til her daddy takes her....

    • I remember him saying this, when Andy and him were in the patrol car. Right?


      • I don’t remember where, but Barney did say it to Andy.

        • I just checked and they were in the office. I don’t know if it was said another time 

          • Barney referred to Peggy as Miss Got Rocks.

            • "Have you ever seen a rich kid's bicycle?"


              • Lol.....with 6 or 7 reflectors.  Barney’s lecture on rich people is a gem.

  • One and done, and not one of your good guys.....


    • By “one and done” I meant one episode only.

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