Barney's Parents

I thought it would be kind of interesting to see just how much we know about Barney's parents even though we only see his mother once in the entire show.

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  • Well, off the top of my head I recall Barney pat-searching his Mother at a check point on the road when a fugitive was on the loose(Can't be too carefull you know) That's the only time I ever saw her. But he does mention her a few times: Can't wear a hat after it's been on somebody else's head is one, and her side of the family were the fun-ones. That's all I can muster right now. As for his Dad; I know he used to smoke a pipe because he would let Barney strike a match on 'that rock from the old chest, and he would light it for him. That's all I can remember right now. Somebody else should come up with a few more items. 

  • They got a septic tank as a gift from Barney one year -- for their anniversary?  Andy said, "You're a good son."

    • Well they're real hard to shop for.

    • Something I’ve studied about....aren’t septic tanks kind of pricey for a man of limited means?

      • I expect so.  Not only does Barney have limited means but he's very careful with his money.

        I guess that just shows what a good son he really is, that thing would represent a lot of chilli in his room and diner specials.

  • Barney did not like to wear a hat that was on somebody else’s head. His mother was like that too.

  • Barney's mother had a clock in her stomach.

  • I remember Barney talking about how he was a lot bigger than his father.

    • Oh I missed that, that's hilarious.  

  • He mentions once that his father would send him to the cellar to sift ashes.


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