• TV's back then were quite a luxury, so that first prize was quite a catch. In our home, our first TV was one my oldest brother built from parts. Had to do a lot of fiddling around to get a picture with correct vertical and horizontal hold, and peoples heads were shaped like strawberries! Color TV's were quite a riot - we did not have one, but I remember those in stores featured people that had skin colored either either red or green!

  • I would love to whip out that flash camera on Christmas Day!  The clock radio is pretty nifty too.

    • I’d sure send in my three bottle caps you bet.
  • Nice find.  I wonder if a Mr. Potato Set was among the 160 prizes.

  • Thanks for the interesting nostalgia!  I love the three bottle tops in the mail.  I wonder if Wally’s filling station carried Sun Crest.

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