Challenging Mayberry Crossword

In the reply of this discussion is an interesting crossword featuring unseen characters. Give it a try!

Note that this was found at I tried to use their embed code but it would not show up properly, so I will give them attribution here. With the link, you can fill this out online. Otherwise, I will update the puzzle here as we figure it out.

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  • 4224051249?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • I want to say 2 across is Pierre

    • And 26 across....Beeman or Beaman?

      • Pierre is correct. 26 across is Beamon - that Beamon overbite will get you every time! Good work!


  • I thought 20 across was Hennessy, but there don’t seem to be enough squares.

    3 down Varney.

    4 down Charlotte.

    20 down Hugo.

  • 24 across Olive

    25 across Baker

    7 down Idell Bushey (or Idella to fit?)

    9 down TR

    12 down Viola Slatt

    13 down Stephens

    21 down Coleman



  • I believe 10 down is Hodie Snitch

  • OK, I will add a few more that I found. I will add JUANITA for 19 Down, and UNCLENAT for 23 Across (haha they give us that one!). Sorry but 24 across (olive) is not correct and 25 across (baker) can not work. Using their online application checks as you enter so this is how I know. I have refrained from peeking at their key!


    • In an unexpected whirlwind of remembrance, I got 24 Across. It is FRANK.

      Looks like we are going to have to do some episode watch'n to get the others!


      • Ok, 25 across Allen

        24 across Frank?

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