Convicts at Large

This is a great episode, it's the one with three female convicts. But but but I'm still wondering about when Charles O'Malley (William Bouchey) returns on the bus from "DE-troit."  Andy offers him a ride back to his place, and he accepts. If it weren't for Andy, how was O'Malley getting back home? He obviously did not ALREADY have a ride, or he'd have told Andy.

Changing the subject, In "Manhunt," Barney's mother is listed in the cast, see for yourself, follow this link:

I believe I've seen this show 473 times, and never have seen "Mrs. Fife."   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???

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      • And in the beginning of that episode Aunt Bee does call it “putting up” pickles.  I guess it’s true..... what goes up, must come down.

  • That is a great question! I have always wondered that.


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