Convicts at Large

This is a great episode, it's the one with three female convicts. But but but I'm still wondering about when Charles O'Malley (William Bouchey) returns on the bus from "DE-troit."  Andy offers him a ride back to his place, and he accepts. If it weren't for Andy, how was O'Malley getting back home? He obviously did not ALREADY have a ride, or he'd have told Andy.

Changing the subject, In "Manhunt," Barney's mother is listed in the cast, see for yourself, follow this link:

I believe I've seen this show 473 times, and never have seen "Mrs. Fife."   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ???

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  • Barney "frisked" her, along with ??Cal?? and our little fat mayor when he was watching the back road.

    • Absolutely right you are. Now I recall it all.

      • As for Mister O’Malley, well he knew where the money was-    Feet.  So maybe with that in mind perhaps he was just going to walk home from the bus station.  Either that or while he was great at making money selling orthopedic shoes he just wasn’t much at important details when it came to making travel plans. 

        • Daddy you are soooooo right!

    • Fat?!? Us Pikes just naturally have big bones.

  • O'Malley must have had a car because he had gas at his cabin, that's how they fueled Floyds car so they could go get groceries.

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