First really funny, and first poignant episodes

Hi neighbors!

TV Land just ran through their cycle and started at Season 1 this week, and I got to thinking about how things were so different in the beginning.  I rank my favorite seasons from 5 down to 1, and all the color seasons after that.

The series changed so much from the beginning.  They hired a character, Andy Griffith, not the actor he turned out to be.  They had a cast of wacky characters around him, and when they finally made Andy the less wacky character, everything made better sense and oddly made things funnier.

And I got to thinking about what was the first episode you though was truly funny, good enough to be a TAGS classic.

And also, what was the first episode you considered the first moving, or emotional episode?


You can easily google a list of episodes by airdate.  I'll post mine later, just wondered what you liked.


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  • The first episode which I thought was the most moving was Andy on Trial. I thought it showed the true character of Barney and Andy quite well. 

    One of the most funny episodes I've ever watched was Barney's Physical.

  • I was born in the early sixties so as I grew up the reruns to me were like first time shows and I will say for me the earliest funny one is right off the bat in The Manhunt. “I’m dogged if it don’t make a fella feel right bad to get ten-foured right in the middle if a idea.” And when Barney got his finger stuck in his pistol trigger right at the very end was pure comedy. I was still laughing as the closing credits rolled. 

    Soon after came Runaway Kid. Andy’s counseling to George ‘Tex’ Foley  is a priceless moment. Later on in life that episode made me tactful when ever I wanted my 8 year old son to pick up his toys; I didn’t want him thinking of runing away from home. But if he had I would have made sure to warn him about the importance of snowshoes for a kid who runs away from home. 


  • This is a very good question, Luther.  I looked at season one and came up with the following....Manhunt and Opie’s Charity were the funniest early episodes.  The first emotional episode was The Christmas Story.  My votes, for the record.

    • I agree...The Christmas Story is an annual tradition in my house.  It is very touching, when old Ben is looking through the bars singing realize that while he is outside, he's created his own prison with the way he's led his life.  Very poignant, and very moving.

  • I have seen so many TAGS shows it is hard to remember when the first of any occured. It all started with the color episodes for me, for the most part, since those first-run shows were what I saw as a kid. Not old enough to remember much of the B/W's. I remember, as a kid, the Spaghetti episode - that was a great one.

    Fast forward to my 30's, when a friend of mine had cable and could VHS tape episodes for me. That is when my wife and I would watch the B/W episodes. I remember "Those Gossipin' Men" as being very funny as one of the first. My next step in TAGS was to get VHS tapes of Andy Griffith marathons from cable channels. Then, VHS tapes and then CD's with limited numbers of episodes started being for sale - bought would I could. Then, full seasons appeared - bought them all, one at a time. Then Netflix, which I then dumped, but seamlessly transitioned to Amazon Prime. Now, any episode, any time. My TAGS journey is complete! 


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