FUN with the LINES from the SHOW

Let's put lines in and take turns finishing scenes by filling in the next line. After you answer one, leave one for the next person. Comment all along the way. It should be fun. Here's a starter: BARNEY: During our lifetime we travel many roads. There are big roads and little roads, rocky roads and smooth roads. Dirt highways and improved roads. Now let's take you, and that outfit you got yourself there. GOMER: ____?____

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  • ANDY:  Hey Barn, don’t get hurt. Them clothes pins have got awful strong _____________.

    • Strong springs.

  • BARNEY:  This is the first time I’ve ever seen one of these ___________ in the do they work?

    • Tape recorders?

      • Close...he was talking about the Tape recorder, but he called it a "doohickey."

  • Look at that _______-________...spinning around like a pinwheel!

    • Second hand. Goober said that about the watch he bought from Newton Monroe

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