Good-Bye Dolly and a memory

Seeing the episode with the horse drawn milk wagon remo=inded me of them when I was a kid during WW2 when gas was rationed and horse drawn was used to deliver milk among other items. It was neat how the horse knew the route and the milk man could get off to deliver and pick up empties and the horse would meet him a couple houses down. 

Couldnt do that with the trucks that replaced the horses after the war. Also the milk man actually let me ride with him. That's where I learned about "hit the ground running" after a couple of scraped knees. When the trucks came back I was no longer allowed to ride. 



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  • Nice story, Jim. I have a simiular memory, only no horses. In the early 60s during the summer, our milkman would actually let me ride in his truck while he delivered in our neighborhood. I still recall how the truck smelled inside and thought it was so cool that he could fold up the seat and drive standing up. He even gave me a bottle of choclate milk on occasion if he had extras. Only drawback was I had to get up super early.

  • Thanks for sharing Jim!

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