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"The strangest omission to me was Andy and Helen's child. If theyn didn't want to hire a child actor or write for one, the could have done something like mention little Andy Jr. was off to summer camp or some such thing. "
Jun 18, 2020
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Seeing the episode with the horse drawn milk wagon remo=inded me of them when I was a kid during WW2 when gas was rationed and horse drawn was used to deliver milk among other items. It was neat how the horse knew the route and the milk man could…
Jun 5, 2020
Jim Ochsner posted a discussion
Watched the end of it. Hadn't seen it in years. Kind of lame story line, but good to see some of the folks. Also, noted some that were not shown or mentioned. Over-all I think they dropped the ball on it. 
May 31, 2020
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May 25, 2020