Return to Mayberry

Watched the end of it. Hadn't seen it in years. Kind of lame story line, but good to see some of the folks. Also, noted some that were not shown or mentioned. Over-all I think they dropped the ball on it. 

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  • It’s only a silly technicality but Andy & Helen’s child didn’t arrive until the second season of Mayberry RFD, so maybe it didn’t exist in the world of TAGS. But then they weren't married until the first episode of Mayberry RFD, so it's a strange one. Sam Jones (Ken Berry) and son are also absent from Return To Mayberry. I’d have thought Ken Berry at least may have made an appearance. Maybe he was too busy working on Mama’s Family, or wasn’t considered.

  • The strangest omission to me was Andy and Helen's child. If theyn didn't want to hire a child actor or write for one, the could have done something like mention little Andy Jr. was off to summer camp or some such thing. 

  • It’s very hard – virtually impossible – to recreate the “magic” of an old TV show favourite, but I think Return To Mayberry was about as good as it could possibly be. Almost the entire old cast was in it unlike a lot of other reunion-style programs. The only notable absentee is Aunt Bee that I can work out. Even the sometimes-irritating Darlings are in it. But that’s the thing with the old shows, they had a period-charm that cannot be recreated, even with the original people, but it’s always nice to see the people in later years, especially the by-then busy Ron Howard, I think I read somewhere that the whole thing was actually his idea. 

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