• That's definitely not a boy.

  • Where’s the line for a manicure?  

    HNY to all!

    • Next!


      • Don’t take em down too far, I like to leave a little bit for scratchin. 

      • Lol

  •  Happy New Year!  To you too Keevy. And a piece of advice:  Make sure nobody spikes your spring water, or next thing you know it’ll be Happy New Year in a different way. You’ll be telling people to frish other fies and to put things in their smikes and pokem, and you’ll be saying all sorts of odd and curious things and then somebody will throw you into a cold shower and then they’ll make you drink coffee. 

    Wow, is that Barbara Edin?    Va va va voom!

    63, That’s my born-in year.   Too bad she was just a little bit out if my age bracket.  :)

    • Time for a fixer-upper!


  • Ring A Ding Ding!

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