Have YOU ever NOTICED?

OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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      • What would "Mother" say about this????

        Probably picked up the habit while gambling and horsing around at the lodge!


        • Yeah, I don't think Mother would approve of the pack of smokes, she had tight control over poor ole Howard.

  • I claim that Aunt Bee wore a wig, or at least a hairpiece, in the later seasons. I got this idea after watching the color "wig" episode, wondering how she stufffed all that hair under the wig.

    She had a nice set of hair, but by the start of the show, she was already 58 years old as she was born in 1902. I don't think they wanted to portray her as that old of a lady so they did some work on her hair. What do you think?



    • Hmm, I actually thought of Aunt Bee as much older and am surprised she was that young when it started. And now that I'm about that age, I definitely think of her as a lot older! ;)  Then again, a lot of folks seem to look a lot younger these days than they did decades ago.  In the case of Aunt Bee, I think she was supposed to look older- matronly and homey, a grandmotherly image, though she never married. As far as her hair, it's possible they did some work on it, but I don't think they necessarily wanted her to look younger. I think they (or she) decided to "fancy her up some".


  • Charlene Darling as Sam’s girlfriend Doris, in season 8, second-to-last episode “A Girl For Goober”


  • I was shooting 22s with my two kids today and it got me to thinking of Uncle Ollie when he said he taught Andy how to shoot his first 22, but then I decided to watch Opie and the Carnival when they were shooting 22s.  Then I noticed in Banjo Playing Deputy that Andy took a couple of rifles out of the rack and he said he was gonna take them to have some work done on them and one of them was a pump 22 exactly like the ones the carny swindlers were using.  Maybe it needed the sights fixed. haha. 

  • Although Barney held the gun in the first photo, Andy nabbed him both times.....Richard Chambers as one of the Parker boys in “A Visit To Barney Fife”, and as Mr. Granger in “Aunt Bee, the Juror”.  



    • I think Andy must have recognized his sports coat from the first caper.

  • In Keeper of the Flame when Andy and Barney are in the back room of the courthouse having coffee and Barney wants to interrogate Opie and he brags at being a good interrogator because he once got Otis to confess that he was drunk. Andy said Otis was coming into the jail crawling on his hands and knees and saying there's an elephant behind him. Just then as the scene fades out the film is reversed monentarily as Barney makes a hand gesture.  Kinda weird.  I wonder why they did that? To make proper time for the fade out maybe.   

  • Here is a very subtle "Have you noticed":

    In Season 1, "Mayberry Goes Hollywood" Floyd advertises his shop as a "Clip Joint".

    In Season 5, Roger Hanover the annoying joker/extortionist quips "Clip Joint" to Floyd, yet Floyd does not understand what he is talking about.

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