Have YOU ever NOTICED?

OK...Let's find the stuff that may not be so obvious, and the ones that make you think, "Hey, I never noticed that before." and post them for all to now be able to notice.

Post the Episode and the thing you noticed.  See my first post as an example.

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  • Here's one you probably never noticed:  Barney uses the language "Smash, smash, smash" when he speaks of destroying a still with an ax. Carrie Nation, a famous women in the temperance movement used the words "smash, smash, smash" in a quote that I saw in a documentary. And she would sometimes use a hatchet to destroy bottles of liquor and was hence known as "Hatchet Granny". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrie_Nation

    Carrie Nation
    Caroline Amelia Nation (November 25, 1846 – June 9, 1911), often referred to by Carrie, Carry Nation, Carrie A. Nation, or Hatchet Granny, was a radi…
  • In the episode "Family Visit" the group stops for ice cream. Anybody notice the name of the shop?

  • In S4:E8 "Opie's Ill Gotten Gains" the bike Andy gives him has a bell on the Right Handlebar. In the closeup, it's on the Left, then back to the Right side.  You can tell it's a camera Reversal if you look at the buttons on Opie's shirt. 

    It's just fun to see things I haven't seen before.

  • Has anybody ever noticed that there is no bathroom in the courthouse? Where do they get their water for their coffee? Where do they get the water to fill their crock? 

    • For that matter, does anyone remember actually seeing any type of bathroom facility in Mayberry?

      • In 'Wedding bells for Aunt Bee" (I think) there's a scene with Opie brushing his teeth and Andy tells him the story about the kid who had all his teeth fall out because he lied about brushing his teeth.  

        • Just checked...you are correct, Opie is brushing his teeth.  No toilet, but definitely the bathroom.

          • In earlier episodes, season 1, there used to be a door in the corner behind the heater.  It was between cell 2 and the window to the street.   But then it dissappeared.  Maybe they didn't want a bathroom in plain view all the time.  maybe it would require too much flushing sound effects.  lol

  • Has anybody ever noticed that the mail comes pretty early in Mayberry...sometimes even before Opie went to school (Andy Saves Gomer).

    • I haven't really noticed how early it comes, but I did notice that the mailman blows a whistle.


      Here's one:

      Ever notice the small fishing line tugging on 'Bo'

      the rooster to make him look drunk?  In Aunt Bee the Crusader.

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