• I’ll guess Warren.

  • I’ll guess Schwump - unless he doesn’t count for no screen credits.

    Thelma Lou - I think she was decievingly not in as many episodes as you’d think.

    Allen Melville - in all his different characters. 

  • My first thought is the guy who: blew Barney a kiss; asked him to play jacks when he was jumping rope with Opie; crashed into Malcom Meriweather; belonged to the Esquire Club, and many more.


    Can't think of his name though.

    • You are close! He was the 4th person after Gomer.

  • Nobody got this yet. The first two were Emmett and Martha Clark. They were in almost half of the Season 8 episodes. I thought Emmett did a great job as a significantly different personality than Floyd who he replaced. Floyd was actually my favorite character.

    So now see if you can guess who was next after the Clarks??

  • Sam Jones?

    • No, not Sam Jones. The answer might surprise you. It surprised me.

      • I peeked.  It surprised me too.

  • The Answer: Old Jud! That old guy really got around!

    • I remember him well as Gus the wise fireman on Leave It To Beaver.  Coincidentally, he was in 14 episodes on both shows.

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