• A new trivia question....what kind of flower did Charlene give Dud on the day he departed to “fulfill his country’s needs”?

    • Mountain gladiola

  • Those lists often make fascinating reading. Ernest T Bass only in eight episodes and Helen Crump 66? It feels like he was in more and she was in much less. Opie not appearing in 17 (out of 249) seems about right though. If Barney Fife was in 161 episodes and five of those were after Season 5, that means he must have missed three episodes (Seasons 1 to 5 consisting of 159 episodes).

    With semi-regular characters like Thelma-Lou, it often seems like they're in more because their appearances are spread out. Allan Melvin was in only eight episodes of The Brady Bunch as Sam the Butcher, but it seems about every second or third episode of that I watch he's in. His appearances were also spread out. One appearance in 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1974. Two appearances in 1972 and 1973. I must just coincidently like the episodes he's in. 

    All this is assuming the numbers on the IMDB are correct of course. 

    I know he's the star, but I'm a bit surprised Andy didn't miss a couple of episodes in eight years, perhaps having an episode or two off, particularly in the middle to later years, with Andy Taylor supposedly out-of-town on business or something similar and maybe Barney Fife (and/or another character) taking centre-stage for an episode or two. Maybe the producers wouldn't let him or he simply didn't want to. 

    • I believe Barney wasn’t in A Feud Is A Feud in season 1.  Does anyone know the other two?

      • Barney was not in Andy Saves Gomer, Goober Takes a Car Apart, Family Visit, Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee, Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter, Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee, and Aunt Bee's Romance.

        Some of these are among my favorites. Which to me proves that as good as Barney was in the show, there was more to it than that.


  • how many episodes was Goober in?


    • Goober was in 86 episodes. A few more than Floyd. 

      As I recall, we found that Tom Jacobs was in about the same number of episodes as Floyd, but only in one credited episode.


  • The Answer: Old Jud! That old guy really got around!

    • I remember him well as Gus the wise fireman on Leave It To Beaver.  Coincidentally, he was in 14 episodes on both shows.

  • Sam Jones?

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