Johnny Cash & Ronnie Howard

Saw Johnny Cash last weekend in a real turkey- 'Door-To-Door Maniac', costarring a very young Ronnie Howard. A flop when first released in 1961, it was re-released in '66 under a different title, 'Five Minutes To Live' in an attempt to cash in on his later success in Country Music. A bit surprised Ronnie's daddy Rance would let him do this film considering the subject matter. It's on YouTube but don't waste your time, unless of course, like me, you enjoy watching really bad movies. This one is extra RIPE!!






















This is a brief clip with Ronnie:

'Five Minutes To Live' w/ Ronnie Howard


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  • Felt pretty old this morning when I read that Opie turned 67 today.

  • Ronnie was a good actor from the start. Seems like it actually could have been a good movie if it had been done right.  

    • Seems like I remember him being very good in "The Courtship iof Eddie's Father"!


  • Best part for me was when he politely placed his jacket under his head.  That clip made “The Monster that Ate Minnesota” look like “Gone with the Wind.”

  • Thank's for the tip; I'l take a look at it.  I watch bad movies once in a while.  

    Found one the other day called: Airborne  (1962)  badly done story about some young kids wanting to be paratroopers. It starred the kid who was Mister Hendrick's son, Aunt Bee's butter n egg man. Barney talked to him at the fillin station and found out Mister Hendricks was married and he went to tell Andy,  and oh boy we sure had a situation there 

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