Leonard Blush

Everett Greenbaum, writer of many of the most loved episodes, including 'The Songfesters', says in the book 'Mayberry 101' that the inspiration for Leonard Blush was a friend he had during his early days as a writer in NYC.The man was named Irv Schactel and he had a weekly, 15 minute radio program where he was known as The Masked Crooner.


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  • thank you Keevy for that post.  I did not know that and I always loved the Leonard Blush mentions.

    "and he's still got that radio show....big time."

    • Station YLRB, Mount Pilot.

    • My pleasure, Luther. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • “Leonard Blush, Leonard Blush. Is that all you can think of is Leonard Blush!?”


  • We can thank Eleanora Poultice for that great talent!

    • LOL Eleanora Poultice is one the many great names the show had for characters.  I just watched the one with Idel Bushy and laughed for the hundredth time over that name.  Maybe it's Eydell?

      • Which one had Idel Bushy in it?   I only remember her by when Charlene Darling mentioned her. I never have seen her. Or maybe I have and I don’t know it.

        • I think it was the episode Charlene wanted the divorce. Said she caught Dud making eyes at Idell Bushey during preaching.

          • But your right.  She was just mentioned, not shown.

            • Yeah I don’t remember ever seeing her. Sure would be a gas to see what she looks like. 

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