Miracle Salve

I wouldn't be surprised if this ad that appeared in comic books in the 50s, was the inspiration for the Miracle Salve episode. Notice the live pony premium. Cloverine Salve had over 300,000 children peddling their product door-to-door at one time.



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  • I really like this one!


  • I wonder how many lawyer letters the company got over time.

  • Classic comic book inside cover material of days past! Sell some salve and get a pony. Or a rifle!

  • Just what do you think they were trying to pull off here, anyway?

  • I found this on another website.  Barney must have finally got ‘em!


    In 1967 the Wilson Chemical Company was dealt a crushing blow by the Federal Trade Commission, which decided that the company’s advertising method of luring young salesmen had to stop.


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