Mr. Schwamp is........

.......not David Forrest.  (Bet the headline gotcha a little bit though!)

I know the other Schwamp thread had already discounted Forrest, but I had listened to the Ron Jacobs interview and wasn't 100% convinced.  I know I've seen pictures of people I worked with 30 years ago and couldn't remember them.  No offense to Mr. Jacobs though.  Besides, I was too far into checking Mr. Forrest to give up.

I finally had the chance to speak with a very nice person the other day who was very close to David Forrest.  He seemed to be pretty humble as far as talking about his work, yet he worked with and was requested by some of the biggest stars of the day - Hope, Bogart, Sinatra to name a few.  He regularily got Christmas cards from Andy, Don and Ron.

The clincher was part of the physical description I was given.  He had a thick head of wavy grey hair.  So the search continues.  I still think this was a good possibility that Steve L. originally came up with.  Hopefully something may come up with the new one that Brent has.  I know I'm in the camp of inquiring minds that wants to know.

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