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    • Thanks. Its really neat to have somewhere to turn for TAGS trivia

  • I think it's kind of odd that both Andy's wife and mother died. Aunt Bee raised Andy, too. Maybe the writers did that as a sort of "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" or credential for Aunt Bee.

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      • Actually, Thelscuz, Opie told Ellie "Ain't got no maw" in "Ellie Comes to Town", Season 1, Episode 4.  Never heard or saw where his maw got sick and died though, if you can pinpoint that one, I'd sure like to know where to see it/download it.  Let me know, ok?  Thanks!

    • I've watched Andy since day one, and never saw the Danny Thomas Show episode where Andy tells Opie about losing his maw.  Thanks for pointing that out, it tugs on one's heartstrings.

    • Yes,  Andy tells Opie his Ma died, we don't know if it was illness or just being stepped on my Mrs. Boliver.

      We do know Mrs. Boliver got a fair trial before a hanging.   

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