8469668697?profile=RESIZE_584xMy husband and I both think that Andy should have ended up with Peggy. She was so pretty and vibrant, with so much spark and personality. Besides, she could sing and harmonize with Andy, and was a great cook, to boot! She could definitely make more than TV dinners, and I betcha she could even make some leg o' lamb- Andy's favorite dish!

Of course, we never do hear what finally broke up their romance. I was thinking of her four episodes, though, and each time, Andy made some kind of relationship blunder, or she ended up with a bad deal somehow....

Andy gave her the brush off when he listened to Barney to nip it in the bud because her father was rich.

Andy listened to Floyd and worried she was out to marry him when Aunt Bee asked her to look in on them while she was away.

Andy stormed off when she got unexpected company (wouldn't you just know his name was Don?)

Opie did his naughtiest deed by being deceitful because he was jealous of her spending time with Pa, nearly breaking them up then.

Poor Peggy...I didn't realize how difficult she had it until I started thinking on it. Andy "shouldn't not" have let her get away, but that's just my two cents. ;)

What are some of your thoughts on the matter? Do you think he should have married Peggy?



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  • I too agree Peggy would have made a great addition to the Taylor clan.  I always thought Ellie had a good relationship with Opie. 

  • I'm afraid she would end up wearing the pants in the family with her strong will and her Daddy's money and fancy upbringing.  Andy would never be able to sing solo again without her voice outshining him.   She perhaps even had a nicer house which would have created a problem.  
    This is kind of tongue in cheek since she was the first woman to wear pants on the show. 

    • See, you must be listening to Barney again about the rich being born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I still think Peggy was the best...then again, she did try to feed him snails, didn't she? ;)

      • Hand

        Probably had a lot of reflectors on her bike, right Binky?


    • Toolin’ around town in that fancy Thunderbird convertible likely wouldn’t have helped matters either.  

  • Helen certainly was the appropriate choice to mesh with Andy’s on-screen personality, and the relationship worked pretty well.  That being said, in the real world, I absolutely agree with you and your husband, Tammy.  Andy wasn’t at his best with Peggy, but mmmmmmm, she was a good one!  Charming, very attractive, a great cook, and she had a nice............bankroll!  She could sing like a star on the porch with Andy.  The Down in the Valley duet......that one makes me cry.  IMHO, she was the cats!!





    • Yep, I never get tired of hearing that front porch duet. So beautiful and peaceful. And yes, she was "the cats". Maybe she ended up marrying Don- he was a pharmacist, after all, and she was a nurse. And he probably needed a good cook around because he was such hungry buzzard.

      • Probably his favorite was also "chicken with crust"!  My favorite too!  Peggy, not chicken with crust.


        • Yes, chicken with crust! And candles on the table...pure gala


  • Well, I know my view is not popular, but I am glad they went with grumpy Crump. It was fun to see her boil over all the time. My favorite was the looks she gave Andy when his "cousin" Gloria came to visit!

    And Helen provided the whole school thing for a bunch of good episodes. Was a little odd that she kept getting higher and higher grades to teach each year so she could remain Opie's forever teacher. I had a down-right horrid 5th grade teacher that then went on to teach 6th grade - luckily, I got the other 6th grade teacher!

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