Joe Gritton replied to Bernie Fife's discussion Here’s a thought....
"Why would you want to catch ole Sam and take him out of the lake?  here's another fun fact.  Of all the times he was called out. he was always called Mr Schwamp.  Think of how many other characters were called different names.  "
Jan 24, 2021
Joe Gritton replied to ColHarV's discussion Quotes you say ALOT!
"Winkin Blinking Nodamus Rex, Save us all from this terrible Hex.
Pa, what can you do with a grown woman "
Jan 24, 2021
Joe Gritton replied to Luther Heggs's discussion The color episodes
"My theory is that the color episodes were just as good and I enjoy them just as much, but there were not as many memorable episodes because 150 plus stories had already been done.  Love Dinner at Eight, Otis and Howard at the Carson shack, the Lodge…"
Jan 24, 2021
Joe Gritton replied to Tammy Sinclair's discussion Peggy
"I'm afraid she would end up wearing the pants in the family with her strong will and her Daddy's money and fancy upbringing.  Andy would never be able to sing solo again without her voice outshining him.   She perhaps even had a nicer house which…"
Jan 24, 2021
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May 25, 2020