Quotes from Barney

Thought it would be interesting to compile all the best quotes from our favourite Mayberry deputy!

Here's one from Andy the Matchmaker: "All we need is just one good crime - just one!"

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  • "Well, if it ain't Daddy Long Legs!"

  • "  One thing about Gypsies though, they're moody!"

  • My mother was like that.

  • Suck in that gut

  • Why don't we go up to the hospital some night and take the bolts off of the wheelchairs?

  • You’re the cats.

  • "I can't face the future knowing there's 8 quarts of those pickles in it!" 

  • You. . .nyun!

  • "Boy, giraffes are selfish."

  • We decided not to make a moulage.  Oh, we told a few people....

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