• Barney made a mention in “Opies Newspaper,”

    Not hard to see what May sees in December.....Santa Claus.

  • [Emma to Ellie]: "Come Christmas-time, don't expect me to buy my cotton balls from you!"

    • That's it, Keevy.  I face-palmed just now. I KNEW there was something else somewhere about Christmas but my bucket just didn't come through for me. 

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  • I found this one in My Fair Earnest T.   It was when Barney was going to show Earnest T how to enter a room.


    • Oooo, that's a great one Franklin; never caught that.

  • There's one Christmas reference in an episode I can't recall where Barney (I think) is being boisterous and Andy tells him "You're not Santy Claus on the street corner!" Anyone know?

    • Malcolm Merriweather back in town to help Aunt Bea.  Opie's at a friends house, Aunt Bea is in bed, and Ange and Barn are the only ones for Sunday dinner.  Andy asks Barney to ring the bell to call Malcolm.


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