• Interesting listing, open to a lot of debate.  Opie The Birdman and The Pickle Story are surprisingly not favored, compared to most lists I’ve seen (Man In A Hurry, also).  

    And Dogs, Dogs, Dogs at 133?  Pshaw!!

  • These lists are generally just argument starters. I've had a brief look at the Top-10 and my favourite there would be "Crime Free Mayberry". 

    I can't stand "Citizen's Arrest". Gomer's stubbornness and even arrogance, drives me mad. How it can be number three is beyond me. It must be an anti-police thing, people like seeing a (make-believe) cop getting a small taste of their own medicine, so to speak. 

    As far as "The Pickle Story" not being rated highly, I've never understood the appeal of that one. But, as they say, each to their own. 

    What are these, IMDB ratings? 

  • I would put “Convicts at Large” in the top 5 for sure. Also, “Man in a Hurry” belongs near the top - I would even nominate it for #1. 

    Quite an interesting assortment they have. Season 1 followed by Season 7.

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