The Music Man (Mayberry) movie

I’ve been meaning to post this....Opie’s red hair from the Danny Kaye show reminded me.  The 1962 movie The Music Man is teeming with Mayberry folk.  I managed to find 15, some by trained noticing, and some by looking them up.  The list....

Opie, with glorious red hair

Rance Howard

Ronnie Dapo, mostly Arnold Winkler

Delos Jewkes, Glen Cripe

Charles Lane, Mr. Frisby

Max Showalter, antique dealer in The Horse Trader

Elaine Joyce, Mavis Neff

Colin Kenny, twice a Mayberry Old-timer

Ray Kellogg, second trucker at Checkpoint Chickie

Matthew McCue, 4x a townsman

Russell Custer, 3x a townsman

Sara Segar, Mrs. Buntley in Stanger In Town, and two others

Jesslyn Fox, in Andy’s Investment

Jean Ransome, in The Bazaar

Sailor Vincent, in Off To Hollywood.


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  • That is a cornucopia of Mayberryans you found there Bernie!

    Our local rural theater group did that musical several times. My wife was one of the gossiping women and the short little conductor. Fun to watch!

  • That some good noticing there Bernie. Fifteen is sure a lot. I wonder if any of the Don Knotts movies had that many. 

  • As I recall Shakiest Gun in the West had 7 or 8 that I counted.


  • The movie, that someone here told about, where Andy was a preacher, was riddled with TAGS stars.

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