Third Barber In Mayberry

It was pointed out on another TAGS page I frequent that in, 'The Christmas Story' episode, it's revealed that prior to Floyd Colby and Floyd Lawson, Mayberry had a third barber- Sid Elson. When Ben Weaver walks by the barbershop with the bench, you can see his name painted on the window. I couldn't get the whole name in one screen shot but you can see his first and last names, and although not very clearly, "Prop." (proprietor). Can't believe in all my years of noticing I never caught that!



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  • Hmm, one and done.  Must not of had the magazines to swing it.

    • Early onset of Barber's Claw perhaps?


  • I have to agree with everyone else Keevy, great find!

  • Great find!  I certainly had never noticed. 

  • Wwoww.   A bolt from the blue.  The things ya never know about.   That is a great find. 

  • Wow. That is Griffith Show Trivia on a whole new level!

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