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I asked this some time ago and it was never answered so thought I'd throw it out there again. Who can identify the episode where a brief scene takes place inside Clara Edward's house yet Clara does not appear in the episode?

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  • The answer is, 'High Noon In Mayberry.' When Andy learns Luke Comstock is coming over, he sends Aunt Bee and Opie over to Clara's and there's a brief scene of Aunt Bee using Clara's phone to call Barney.

    • Good one, Keev.  That one had me under the bucket for a few days.

  • I’ll take a shot.  Since you said it was a more well-known one, and Clara had a role in it, I’ll try “The Sermon For Today”.

    • Clara did not appear in the episode, Bernie.


      • Whoops

  • So this one is a stretch.  In “Barney’s Replacement” There is a brief scene with Clara “Johnson” in her house.  Otherwise Uncle Todd is the only Ohio reference I recall, but I don’t remember a scene in Clara’s house in Family Visit.

    • Sorry, Bobby, not the one. I'll let it simmer a little longer before I give the answer. Another hint: Aunt Bee is the only person seen in the scene in question.


  • Is it a color episode?

    • No, it's actually one of the more well known B & W episodes. HINT: Ohio.


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