Watch Mayberry Man yet?

We did. I was greatly impressed with our own Allan Newsome's part - top quality acting! For sure it was a bit of a quirky movie, but it was a must-see for Griffith fans. The impersonations of Floyd and Barney were brilliant and I loved the Goober and Gomer tribute artists as well! I loved how many of the lines were just lines grabbed from TAGS episodes. I really liked the ending!

Now on Amazon for rental.

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  • I haven't seen it yet but I will first chance I get. emot-sotw.gif

  • Thanks Mayor Pike! I'm glad you liked the movie and thank you for the kind words about me.  There are a ton of easter eggs from TAGS in the Mayberry Man movie.   We need to start a list to see how many folks can catch.

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  • Yup, saw it and liked it as well.  I’ll definitely be watching it again.  Ranks right up there with “The Monster Who Ate Minnesota.”

    • Bobby Fleet,  that's high praise to be up there with "The Monster Who Ate Minnesota."  :)

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