• This could be a toughie....NOT a b&w


    • It's the necklace Al Becker's wife wore at Wilton Blair's funeral in 1960, and Barney didn't notice because he was distracted by his first glance at Thema Lou.  No, really.  I don't have a clue here.  Not even a smidgen.


    • The "paparazzi" makes me think of "Barney's Comes To Mayberry" where the press was all a-flutter over Teena Andrews.

      • Interesting guesses, but it is a toughie.  First clue is that it’s very much a Howard Sprague thing.

        • Something to do with Howard's mother? Or the County Clerk job?


          • It’s related to what Helen called “Mayberry’s first swinging party”.  (Which, of course, it wasn’t.)

            • That would be the Season 8 episode "The Wedding" with Howard's Swingin Singles Party.

              But I am still looking for the connection to the photo.


              • Episode is correct.

                • In order to enliven the party, Howard hurries to his record player to play the groovy new group....9265418081?profile=RESIZE_400x


                  • Ok, now I see!

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