• You got it Mayor.  Luke Comstock (Leo Gordon) did his time in San Quentin before he turned to acting.

        • I think I read this on his IMDb page a while back. And he was shot by guards while in prison too! Don't think he took any math courses though.

          A real natty looking fellow he is!

  • What episode did I just watch?


    • I’m thinking it must be the bickerin’ Boones.....Morning, “DEER”...Morning, HONEY

      • Yes sir! Dear and Honey, Honey and Deer!

        Andy the Marriage Counselor, Season 1

  • What episode did I watch. COLOR EPISODE ALERT!!!!


    • Goober was a pancake eating champ.  Was he bragging about that in the episode where Aunt Bee learned to fly?

      • Yo!

        That was Goob's greatest lifetime achievement. This and great achievements discussed by others inspired Aunt Bee to learn to fly. Based on her driving experience, I guess I would probably opt for the bus.


  • Two different clues, same b&w episode....



    • Bernie, you're gonna think I'm a nut but I logged in to post a 'what-episode did I watch' and it looks like we just crashed into eachother at the crossroads. Just like Barney said in Guest of Honor: It's an amazing coonincidence! 

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