• What episode did I just watch.....


    • Andy and Opie’s Pal.

      Barney says Gomer complained about Pearson’s Sweet Shops peppermint contest.  Says he got 22 white ones and not a single pink centered winner.

      Barney then reminds Andy how he escorted the Apricot Queen when he was supposed to when they were younger.

      • Barney was the big apricot eater, after all.  :-)

      • Good work Bobby!

        Looks like I need to do a little more watch'n! Have not seen that one for years now.


    • The two items are unrelated in the episode.

      • Peppermint apricots? I am drawing a blank here. Another hint?

        • Two separate clues, the peppermints are unrelated to the apricots, other than being in the same episode.  

          • I keep heerin' "Ain't we count'n our peaches before they're fuzzed up good?", but I'm still drawing a blank.

  • I just watched an episode where one of the actors in real life spent 5 years in a state prison.  Name the episode and the actor.

    • High Noon in Mayberry?

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