• I’m gonna take a shot on this one.  It seems to me that Howard might have decided to “seize the day” when he quit his job and went to his island, in Howard’s New Life.

      • No, but a good guess. Take note of the color of the words of this clue!


        • Diem is white, but . . .

          • I’ll take a long shot too.  Could the color be in the “Carp”, which Andy liked to string up in Crime Free Mayberry?

            • Yes, it has to do with carp. And unlike the other words that are white, here "Carp" is Silver!


            • I think you’ve all but solved it, Bobby.  It must be about Old Sam, the silver carp in “Big Fish In A Small Town”.

              • YES!  That's it!


  • This could be a toughie....NOT a b&w


    • It's the necklace Al Becker's wife wore at Wilton Blair's funeral in 1960, and Barney didn't notice because he was distracted by his first glance at Thema Lou.  No, really.  I don't have a clue here.  Not even a smidgen.


    • The "paparazzi" makes me think of "Barney's Comes To Mayberry" where the press was all a-flutter over Teena Andrews.

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