• What happened to Mr. McBeevey?

    • Is your question about the Mayor's 'carpe diem' clue?  I mean, did Mr. McBeevey ever return in a color episode?

      But about that  'carpe diem' thing;  sounds like something Howard would say, or maybe Helen.  Other than that I am drawing a blank stare better than the keyed-up Darling boys could do.  

      • No Franklin, before "Mayor's 'carpe diem' clue?" there was a picture of a hand.  Each finger had a tiny little hand on it.  It made me think of Mr. McBeevey.


        Now it's gone???



        • Ohhh, so there was a switch-a-roo.  I didn't catch that.  

          • I was thinking that I perhaps posted that one already a while back. So I removed it. Yes, it was "Twelve Extra Hands" of Mr. McBeevy!


  • What COLOR Episode Did I Just Watch?


    • I’m gonna take a shot on this one.  It seems to me that Howard might have decided to “seize the day” when he quit his job and went to his island, in Howard’s New Life.

      • No, but a good guess. Take note of the color of the words of this clue!


        • Diem is white, but . . .

          • I’ll take a long shot too.  Could the color be in the “Carp”, which Andy liked to string up in Crime Free Mayberry?

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