• Try this one,’s a b&w


    • The clue is two words and each of the two words is based on the pictures, in order.

      • Lover Sheriff?  (What Charlene called Andy.)

        • That’s it....Divorce: Mountain Style, with emphasis.  I’m not sure if she used that phrase in any other episode.

  • I’ll try another one....


    • I know this one too, but I can't even tell ya why I can't tell ya.

    • I think I know this one. Has to do with a "Claw" I believe. But I will wait for others.


      • I know it too!  But I can't tell ya'.


        • Love the answers!  For anyone who hasn’t figured it out yet, I’m gonna go ahead and tell ya’.....The Keeper Of The Flame.  

          • Well, this is not what I thought it was. I was thinking "Bookie Barber" where Floyd mentioned his fear of getting "Barber's Claw", which would be a curse of sorts I guess! 


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