• Might that be a Hudson Terraplane parked in front of the Weiner Burger?

    • The episode is, 'Andy's Rich Girlfriend.' Andy mentions taking Peggy McMillan to the Weiner-Burger (pronounced wee-nee-burger). The Weiner-Burger was actually in Mt. Airy and was owned and operated by Andy’s first cousin, Evin Moore. Andy worked there briefly as a teenager.

  • Wyatt Erp Rides Again?

    • As in "Gibson's Wild West Show, East or West, Gibson's the Best".


  • Wasn’t there also a “Weinie Burger” mentioned in Leave It To Beaver?

    • Close, Mayor. It was Doggie Burgers served at a place called the Chuckwagon.


  • What episode did I just watch?


    • Maybe the recent Andygram answer, Convicts at Large, is the answer to this too?

      • Yep, they were joined at the hip!


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