• New one......


    • 'Opie the Birdman'?

      • No, that’s not the one I watched.

      • I’ll take a shot and say The Mayberry Band

        • No.  Here’s a bit of a roundabout hint....what club was Barney in while in high school?

          • "Cucaracha" means cockroach. Ol Barn showed off his bongo skills playing "La Cucaracha" in "Threes a Crowd". Si?

            • Si.  And, his head turn while playing it was sublime.  Good job Mayor.

            • The word “the” threw me off.  And I guessed it to be The Mayberry Band because of the bug. You know, Andy and Barn wanted to hold Freddy Fleet’s bus for a pest control inspection, since after all it was bug-month.   

              • Very creative....I like it!  

                I was thinking La Cucaracha translated as The Cockroach, but I wasn’t sure (I wasn’t in Spanish Club).

  • What episode did I just watch? This should be easy. Nothing to do with Floyd's.


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