• The new housekeeper

      • That's a ten-four.  And those eggs are good if you plan on playing some tennis too.  But I like 45 minute eggs.  

  • "We could get pop and sandwiches and stuff!"

    Who said this and what episode is it from?

    • Sounds like something Andy would say but I haven't a clue on the ep.

      • This one has me flat stumped.  It sounds real familiar, but I just can’t place it. Ellie runs for Council maybe?

        • Nope, The Rumor. Good guess though!

      • Andy does repeat something similar in the same episode, but Barney says it first.

  • What COLOR episode did I just watch?


    • If that’s to be read as steak-out, there was a stakeout in A Visit To Barney Fife.  

      • Barney was nodding off in church because Andy had him out til 4:00 AM on a chicken stake out.  Man in a Hurry.   That's one that comes to mind.    I think it was Buzz Jenkins as the suspected chicken thief, and the Pastor was worried because that's where he was having supper that night; at Buzz's house. Looked like the Pastor had his work cut out for him on that one.

        But Man in a Hurry is just a guess.  I'm fairly sure there are several other times when 'Stake-out' was mentioned. 

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